firstImpression.js: A micro-library for detecting new visitors

firstImpression.js is a micro/nano-library (1 kb minified) that answers the simple question, “Has this user visited this site before?” The detection doesn’t require much logic, so the majority of the code is just a Plain JavaScript port of the popular jquery.cookie plugin.

Using it

Writing and reading your own cookies is easy enough but if you want to operate at a slightly higher level firstImpression.js offers a simple API for detecting first-time visitors.

// Basic usage
if ( firstImpression() ) {
  console.log('New user');
// Specify cookie name
if ( firstImpression('foo') ) {
  console.log('New user');
// Specify cookie name and expiration in days
if ( firstImpression('foo', 365) ) {
  console.log('New user');

Some stuff:

  • firstImpression() returns true for a new user, false for a returning user.
  • Calling firstImpression() also sets a cookie if one does not already exist.
  • The default cookie name is “_firstImpression” and the default expiration is 2 years (730 days).
  • You can specify your own cookie names if you want to manage multiple instances of firstImpression across a single site.
  • If you want to check if someone has visited within a certain time frame you can specify the cookie expiration (in days).
Deleting Cookies

If you need to delete cookies you can do so via firstImpression.js like this:

// Remove default cookie
// Remove custom named cookie
firstImpression('foo', null);

Browser Support

This should work in any browser that supports cookies. Tested briefly in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE6-10, iOS, Android, and Opera Mobile.

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Thanks for sharing.
This is just what I was looking for, for my new project!

Keep up the good work.

Its useful.

thanks for sharing

Super sweet plugin – works fantastically.